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PawTrails - An Environmentally Responsible Cat Litter

Powered by Attitude Technologies, PawTrails Tofu Cat Litter is a food by product. It’s mixed with corn starch and vegetable extracts, which produce a litter. And it’s nontoxic, chemical free, toilet flushable and super absorbent with less dust.

pawtrails tofu cat litter
  • Toilet Flashable

    Designed for your convenience, PawTrails cat litter can be flushed straight into your toilet to make your life easier.

  • Biodegradable

    You can easily dispose of our cat litter in your garden. It reduces the damage caused to nature while fertilising your garden.

  • Dust Free

    As you know, dust could be harmful for your pet. We use vacuum packaging to minimise the dust from the cat litter.

  • Easy Clumping

    PawTrails cat litter clumps easily and is up to 3 times more effective than other conventional clumping litter in the market.

  • Soft On Paws

    The natural ingredients in our litter significantly reduces the amount that sticks to your pet's paws and reduces tracking in your home.

Customized Purchase Procedures

Attitude Technologies Follow a well designed standard procedures, to make sure all our clients have the same level of satisfication.


Requirement Analysis

We firstly engages with the client, to ensure we clearly understand the client’s requirements.

initial proposal

Initial Proposal

Secondly, an Initial Proposal is created by our Team in China, for our Client’s Approval and Sign-off.


Discussion with Client

the proposal is finalised following discussions with the client and our team in Ireland and China.


Proposal Adjustion

Once our Client approves the supplier in China, our procurement team engage with the factory and complete the production.


Purchasing & Transporation

We then do the purchase of product in China. And stock is stored in our warehouse in China in advance of being transported to Ireland.

after sales service

After Delivery Service

finally, once the stock arrives into Ireland, we will handle the custom clearance and transportation within Ireland and delivery to you.

  • Customized Purchase Service
  • PawTrails Tofu Cat Litter
  • Hand Sanitizer with 75% Alcohol
  • Contact-Less Thermometer
  • Irish Custom Clearance Handling

How It Works with Attitude Technologies

Attitude Technologies specialize in sourcing products for our client, and liaising with the manufacturer on our client’s behalf, we also coordinate logistics from source to delivery in Ireland.

Environmentally Responsible

PawTrails Cat Litter clumps easily. It's up to 3 times more effective than conventional clumping litters on the market. Designed for your convenience, PawTrails Cat Litter is toilet flushable to make your life easier.

75% Alcohol Content

Drys instantly for water-free hand sanitisation, on the go, where and whenever you cannot access soap and water. Also Contains 75% alcohol by volume. And comfortably exceeding the requirement for hand sanitiser alcohol volume to be above 60% for biocidal efficacy.

Contact Less Thermometer

New contactless infrared thermometer enables the best safety and hygiene. And  also designed to measure the body temperature. Placing it between 3 to 5 cm of the area, you will also get the temperature almost instantly. 

Irish Custom Clearance Handling

Firstly, Attitude Technologies have the knowledge and expertise to manage all of your clearance requirements. and Secondly, we navigate you through the Irish/China customs system. We work together with dedicated clearance specialists. And we can offer a hassle-free process for managing your import and export consignments.

Mission Statement - Attitude Technologies

Attitude Technologies would not exist without our employees. Firstly, our focus is to ensure that we are doing the right things to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. We also view ourselves as partners with our customers and our employees, our community and our environment. And we are aiming to be recognised world-wide for our pet related technology brands.

attitude technologies

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