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Service Overview

Attitude Technologies have been delivering a customized International Purchasing Service for 5+ years. We are continually upskilling our team and developing our Managed Purchasing Service to ensure we continue to meet the needs of our customers.


We have a wide range of support and services available to suit businesses of all sizes. Our team are highly experienced and accredited and we approach each customer on an individualised basis to ensure that the service is individually tailored to meet their needs. We source suppliers for each of our clients very carefully, all stock purchased for our client is transported to Ireland via air cargo, shipping container or train, and delivered to our customer’s warehouse. The entire operation has oversight and 100% care from our teams in both China and Ireland. 


Our Team in China

We have a dedicated team in China working for our clients in Ireland to ensure their purchasing requirements. From Industry analysts, to procurement negotiation experts. Our goal is to negotiate the best deal in China for our customers and ship the purchased stock to our customer’s warehouse in Ireland safely within the agreed timeframe. 

If you need a product which is more easily sourced in China, then we are the right team to work with you.

Process From First Meet to Final Delivery

Requirements Analysis

Our Engagement Team in Ireland engages with the client initially to ensure we clearly understand the client’s requirements

Step 1 - Know What You Want

Initial Proposal

 An Initial Proposal is created by our Team in China for our Client’s Approval and Sign-off

Step 2 - Tell You What We Will Do

Proposal Finalisation

Following discussions with the client and our team in Ireland and China, the proposal is finalised

Step 3 - Agree Plan on Both Sides

Purchasing Activity in China

Once our Client approves the supplier in China, our procurement team engage with the factory to complete the production and purchase of product in China.  Stock is stored in our warehouse in China in advance of being transported to Ireland.

Step 4 - Get Purchasing Done

Transportation to Ireland

Stock will then be shipped to Ireland via the preferred method as agreed with the Client.  A wide range of shipping methods is offered: air cargo, container, and train.

Step 5 - Get into Ireland

Final Delivery to Customer

Once the stock arrives into Ireland, our team will handle the custom clearance, transportation within Ireland and delivery to the Client’s warehouse as determined in advance.

Step 6 - Final Delivery

Transportation to Ireland

We provide a wide range of shipping methods to our Clients for product delivery to Ireland. The Data below will assist you with your decision of the best method.

Shipping Method Estimated Timefrime Estimated Budget Suitable Prodcuts
Air Cargo
7 Days
Very High
High Value Products Required Urgently
25 Days
Middle Range
All Products Required Not Very Urgent
Ocean Container
45 Days
Very Low
All Products Required NOT Urgent

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