75% Alcohol Content, Kills 99.99% Germs Gel Based, Quick Drying

Without veritable usage of water
and carried anywhere you go

What Hand Sanitizer Should I Choose?

During the current crisis and beyond, Hand Sanitizers are an essential disinfectant whose use will become part of everyday life.  It is extremely important now to practice good hand hygiene and to develop the habit of using hand sanitizer to prevent entry of infection into the body.

However, choosing the right product is important.

Siruini Hand Sanitizer is a highly effective product which acts fast, kills germs but is not harsh on the skin even with regular usage.

Furthermore, being pocket friendly and gel based, the product is long lasting and cost effective.

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Siruini Hand Sanitizer

Why Siruini Hand Sanitizer is Famous?

There are several reasons why Siruini hand sanitizer is a best selling product.

Siruini Hand Sanitizer is comprised of 75% alcohol, which is a distinguishing factor and makes it highly effective towards eliminating 99.99% of germs.

The best part is , you do not need to wash your hand after use, it is quick drying and leaves no sticky residue.  It also does not have a harsh effect on the skin, leaving them soft and supple. In situations where there is no ready access to water for hand washing, the use of a hand sanitizer is not only essential but can be life saving.

A small globule of the gel is adequate for cleaning both palms on each use, therefore a small bottle lasts a long time. The product is available in 300ml bottles, which is enough for numerous cleaning .

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Anti-bacterial Effervescent Gel, 75% Alcohol Content

  • Kill Germs

    Gel content: 75% alcohol and is highly effective in the elimination of 99.99% of germs

  • Skin Protection

    With added Aloe, the gel leaves skin soft and supple while working effectively to kill bacteria

  • Convenient everywhere

    The product dries quickly and does not leave a sticky residue. Apply anytime, anywhere. No need to wash hands with water

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  • Long Lasting

    A small globule of the gel is adequate to clean both palms at a time. A small bottle is long lasting.

  • Cost Effective

    The product comes in a small bottle (300 ml) which is very cost effective as a little per use is highly effective.

  • Against Viruses

    Due to the high alcohol content, the product is a strong and an effective fighter against covid-19, fungus, cocci, viruses and bacteria.

COVID19 Cover Page

Coronavirus COVID-19: Public Information Booklet

COVID-19 is a new illness that can affect your lungs and airways. It’s caused by a virus called Coronavirus. Coronavirus (COVID-19) is spread in sneeze or cough droplets…

Comments from Our Customers

Its a pump bottle which makes things easier and cleaner to use, also the pump top can be screwed down to lock the pump so it won't accidentally pump sanitizer out if you have it in a bag or something. I used to work for a leading hygiene company that used to supply to hospital, offices, school ect. I had years of experience of replenishing the hand sanitizers, as soon as I used this I knew it was the real stuff, the smell & texture reminded me of those years. this is a genuine and available in Cork is a huge bonus. 

Martyn Pollock

I am so pleased with this hand gel. 75% alcohol and extremely effective at keeping hands free of the present virus when soap and water are not available. Extremely quick delivery. We ordered 500 cases, stock was despatched on Monday and received next days later on Tuesday in well wrapped pallets. Good product, professional informative label, dries quickly, not sticky. Consistent with high alcohol content. Very confident it's genuine. Would buy again when required.

Paul Reynolds

I am a HSE worker and would like to say that I am really pleased with this sanitiser and the protection I know it is giving my family, yes it is a little more than others online but this is a reflection of the quality and peace of mind knowing that it is effective against C19 and also it is kind to your hands not drying in any way. I could feel the quality straight away compared the one I had and this one was cheaper than the one I first bought. Thank you for the supply.

Thomas Manson

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