PawTrails Tofu Cat Litter
Be Healthy, Be Happy

An environmentally responsible cat litter

In Harmony With Nature

PawTrails Tofu Cat Litter is manufactured from the food by-product of bean curd manufacture

  • Easy Clumping

    PawTrails cat litter clumps easily and is up to 3 times more effective than conventional clumping litters currently on the market.

  • Dust Free

    As you know, dust can be harmful for your pet. We use vacuum packaging to minimise the dust from our cat litter.

  • Biodegradable

    You can easily dispose of our cat litter in your garden. It reduces the damage caused to nature while fertilising your garden.

  • Toilet Flashable

    Designed for your convenience, PawTrails cat litter can be flushed straight into your toilet to make your life easier.

  • Light Weight

    Made from tofu, Pawtrails is very light compared to other cat litters in the market, this makes it easy for you to carry home.

  • Soft On Paws

    The natural ingredients in our litter significantly reduces the amount that sticks to your pet's paws and reduces tracking in your home.

PawTrails tofu cat litter. be healty, be happy.

Cleanliness Just Like in Nature

PawTrails is a 100 % natural product, is chemical free and is completely bio-degradable. Unlike conventional litter, no trees are felled to produce PawTrails, because our cat litter is manufactured exclusively from Okara.
Refined by a complex technical process, these Okara fibres are able to fully and permanently absorb a level of moisture of up to six times it’s volume – in a manner that is not only completely natural and safe but also fully suits the needs of cats.

Toilet Flushable Cat Litter

Powered by Attitude Technologies, The food by-product is mixed with corn starch and vegetable extract that produces a litter that is non-toxic, chemical free, toilet flushable, super absorbent with minimal dust. It also feels soft on cats paws. The clumps can be easily scooped out and disposed of by composting or flushing for a clean and fresh environment.

An eco-friendly cat litter for your eco-friendly life.

Why Should My Shop Stock PawTrails?

Industry research report on pet products in the UK Market provides the significant data below, a full report available to download.

Cat Litter Market of €152.5 Million
Value Gross
Pet Health Market of €161.5 Million
Annual Gross
Pet Product Market of $7,882 Million

" Pet Owners are more educated with regard to pet products and scrutinize the content to determine that is Natural and Healthy."

Research Report: Pet Products in the United Kingdom

Pet Owners are more educated with regard to pet products and scrutinize the content to determine that is Natural and Healthy.

PawTrails Brochure: Get More Details on Tofu Cat Litter

We are setting out to change the industry as we know it. Derived from a by-product of Tofu manufacture, our Cat Litter is environmentally responsible, manufactured to food grade, and toilet flushable.

Few Words from Our Happy Customers

Our cattery, Truffle Lodge Kitty Care, Kinsale, recently started using PawTrails tofu kitty litter. Of the very many varieties of kitty litter that we have used to date, PawTrails tofu kitty litter stands out as the very best. We highly recommend this litter: our kitty cat guests are extremely happy using it, and so are we...

Truffle Lodge Kitty Care

Oh my gosh. This is the best cat litter ever. I recently purchased the tofu brand and it is fabulous. I have four cats whom are all inside/outside cats (when they want to be) whom use this brand with no issue and there were no transition issues at all.  To be honest I know they prefer this to any other product...

Katrina Smith

A revelation! I can flush it and it does not trail all over the place. Well worth the money. I am so pleased and my cats are too with this product and the price, (which is so affordable) that I definitely do recommend it to all. Just try it like I did! Cause here I am gushing about it...

Fiona Dunne

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