Fingertip Pluse

Detection of Blood Oxygen, PR, RR and more

3 in 1 Fingertip Pluse Oximeter

Detection of Blood Oxygen is Very Important Against COVID-19.

  • Quick Reading

    In as little as few seconds, you can get an accurate SpO2/PR/RR reading through the activation.

  • SpO2 Detection

    Blood oxygen is a very important basic data in clinical medicine. It's an important indicator of the body's oxygen status.

  • RR Detection

    With respiratory rate detection, it detects the number of breaths to determine whether the breath is too fast or too slow.

  • High Quality CPU

    Using high -speed computing chips to ensure fast and accurate computing results. And provide a perfect user experience.

  • LED Display

    Embeded LED display helps user easily read the detections. And all other information display on the screen clearly.

  • Elegant Design

    The panel shell adopts metal baking varnish process, which has a better texture and a better grade.

Why Fingertip Pluse Oximeter is So Important?

A pulse oximeter is a small device that clips onto your finger and monitors oxygen levels in the blood and costs around €30. They have been getting attention for their potential to help monitor symptoms of COVID-19 at home. One of the many strange things about COVID-19 is that some patients with very low blood oxygen levels (which require medical treatment) aren’t always aware of it. They may not feel particularly unwell or have other symptoms of low oxygen levels. This is where pulse oximeters can be helpful as they allow people to track their blood oxygen levels at home, and are an important preventative tool for certain groups.

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