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What is Private Labelling?

A private-label product is made by a third-party company but sold under a specific retailer’s brand.

The practice is far from a foreign concept to many retailers. Many consumers are unaware of its prevalence, but it’s a common practice in today’s shopping environment.

According to the Private Label Manufacturers Association, “Private-label market share has reached nearly 25%% of unit sales in the EU and is expanding faster than national brands.”

Private labeling can also describe the practice of taking an ingredient or component supplied and produced by a secondary company and using it to benefit another brand’s product, often without explicit attribution and most private-labeled products are sold at a lower cost.

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Why Private Labelling is Important



Branding through private labeling is a great way to build loyalty from customers.

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High Margins

Brands with private labeling usually have a higher profit margin than resale products.


Wholesale Income

In addition to exclusively selling your product, you may consider operating as a wholesaler.



By doing private labeling, it allows you to separate yourself from your competitors. 

How Does It Work

Private Labelling Process

Transportations to Ireland

We provide wide range of shipping method for our customers to get their stock into Ireland. Data below will give you an idea which one to go with.

Shipping Method Estimated Timefrime Estimated Budget Suitable Prodcuts
Air Cargo
7 Days
Very High
High Value Products Required Urgently
25 Days
Middle Range
All Products Required a litter bit Urgent
Ocean Container
45 Days
Very Low
All Products Required NOT Urgently

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