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Measure temperature from a distance

Why Contact-Less Thermometer is So Important?

Our focus is presenting meaningful solutions to current pandemic conditions for businesses we serve around the world. We believe that this new non-contact forehead infrared thermometer will be significantly beneficial in performing the daily preventive protection measures that we must do to minimize cross-contamination and maximize safety for all of us in every community during this trying time.

Contact Less Thermometer

Contact-Less Infrared Thermometer

Accuracy, reliability, and performance and are appropriate for use in COVID-19.

  • Quick Reading

    In as little as 1-3 seconds, you can get an accurate temperature reading through the activation.

  • Easy to Hold

    Holding the unit is easy and comfortable thanks to the unique easy-to-hold handle which naturally contours the hand.

  • Auto Turn Off

    The device has the funtion to automatically turn off if it's not in use for a period of time, to save the battery power.

Contact Less Thermometer
  • High Temp Alarm

    It is very handy that alarm will be active when the temperature is high, so that you know you need to pay attention.

  • LCD Display

    Embeded LCD display helps user easily read the tempreture, and all other information display on the screen clearly.

  • History Records

    Ideal for taking records for all previous measurements, this device hold 32 historical data for users.

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COVID-19 is a new illness that can affect your lungs and airways. It’s caused by a virus called Coronavirus. Coronavirus (COVID-19) is spread in sneeze or cough droplets…

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